Just Flight - Airliner Pilot

Just Flight - Airliner Pilot 1.0

Airline Pilot is an add-on for users of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator FS2004
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Just Flight – Airline Pilot 1.0 is a software simulation program add-on for users of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator FS2004 program providing them with a virtual airline operations expansion where users begin their ‘careers’ as Junior Pilots at an airline and fly their way through the program to work their way up through the routes and ranks, finally achieving the coveted left seat they aspire to. The program provides excellent flight experiences for those FS2004 users who simply want to experience the flight simulation of real routes. Those users of FS2004 who want additional challenges and a sense of purpose though, will find that their needs are more than catered for in Just Flight – Airline Pilot 1.0 by the assignation of flights according to rank and aircraft. The Just Flight – Airline Pilot 1.0 features five career ranks; Junior First Officer, First Officer, Senior First Officer, Captain, and Training Captain. Pilots are promoted after successfully completing a number of man hours and flights, determined by options chosen. Pilots begin training by flying the Dash 8, graduating to a 737, then up to the 777, and can choose from real world airline liveries such as Air France, British Airways etc., or they can customize their own airline color and name. There are 3 career modes featured; Regular, Short, Extended, and difficulty levels are available according to users’ skills. Pilots select a home base region and the Flight Ops program, according to their experience and aircraft type ratings, assigns flights to them. Pilots are briefed on full route details including navigational aids, fuel load, weather reports, and all the necessary information they need to complete their flights successfully. The Route Tracker feature that evaluates the performances on completion of each flight, monitors their performance. Levels of difficulty during the challenge increase over time with player/pilot experience and according to pre-set difficulty levels.

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